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Going through September’s Edition of Lawyers Weekly on Sunday, I came across an article, ‘The 5-Minute Morning Ritual to set you up for Success’. Alright, I thought to myself, you’ve piqued my interest, do tell more.

The article espoused the belief that the first thing you do in the morning, will often set the mood for the entire day ahead. More importantly, it’s these critical 5 minutes in the morning repeated daily which will set you up for an “exceptionally productive and chirpy day ahead”. These actions will then form into habits, which will proceed like clockwork and putting oneself first will become second nature.

The article highlights, 3 keys to the practices, are: -

1) Wake Up

- Instead of hitting the proverbial snooze button, give yourself 30 seconds to do some deep breathing

- Hop out of bed and stretch (as the body has been idle)

- Stand up, and do some slow bending (roll your body up, one vertebra at a time)

2) Throw open the blinds, make the bed

- Natural light on your face in the morning is a sure way to feel good and bring about a smile. It increases focus and concentration also. Sunlight also helps our brain produce serotonin, the hormone that produces our mood (feel good hormone)

- When you get up in the morning, Make your bed – Admiral William McRaven, US Navy Seal Commander in his excellent speech, said that making your bed is the single most important task you can do in your day and by doing so, sets yourself into an upward spiral of ticking off items on your to-do list. Feel free to watch the full video here -

3) Create a to-do list over breakfast

- Breakfast is fuel, so ensure you’re having something healthy e.g., a simple smoothie with vegetables, fruits and proteins or some oatmeal and fruits

- While fuelling up, write out your plans

o They don’t have to be huge, but do make them in line with your goals

Now, the above are indeed some great morning rituals, to take each one further though, I’d like to add some simple hacks I’ve learnt from 2 great authors on the subject of morning routines—Aubrey Marcus ‘Own your day’ and Hal Elrod ‘The Miracle Morning’.

1) Wake Up and get out of your bed

- Move your alarm to another room, doing so will cause you to get up and physically move

- After switching off, get down and do at least 20 star jumps and/or push ups to get your heart really going – a rebounder is a great tool as well and one which Tony Robbins advocates as well

- Hydrate – The best thing you can do to prep your organs for the day is douse them in warm water with salt and lemon (i.e., drink it!)

2) Throw open the blinds, make your bed, cold shower and breathing

- One of the fastest ways you can positively change your state is through a cold shower and fast controlled, deliberate breaths

- First, turn on your shower to warm, then incrementally over 30 seconds make it colder and colder

- Stay under for 2 full minutes, all the while practicing Wim Hof breathing

- This is 20-30 short in and out breaths, then breathing all the way out and in again, repeat 2-3 times – See this website for full explanation and benefits

- The above will make you feel recharged and vibrant; ready for the day

3) Create a to-do list the night before

- I’ve found that writing out a to-do list before does two things

o Gets everything on the page ready for the next day

o Cathartic exercise of removing from the mind until the next day

- Allows for a better sleep and a more streamlined start to your day

The above isn’t set in stone, feel free to keep tweaking or amalgamate with your morning routine until it strikes the right balance. The most important component about setting new habits is consistency; it takes 21 days to have a habit fully set in.

Aristotle summed it up perfectly: -

“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then, is not an action but a habit”

Happy mornings!

By Cullen Haynes

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