LHL BOOK REVIEWS - ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’


by Cullen Haynes

Score: 5/5

‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’, Robin Sharma - Non-Fiction - Self-Enrichment

Every time I read this book, it's like visiting an old friend and all the years melt away. Having first read it almost 10 years ago, its lessons are as strong now as they ever were. Written by Robin Sharma who worked as a litigation lawyer in his younger years, this enchanting fable based on the author's own search for life's true purpose, provides a blueprint for living a life of greater balance, abundance, joy and courage.

The book tells the story of one Julian Mantle, a seasoned Lawyer forced to confront his high powered out-of-balance life; following a heart attack in court he sells all his worldly possessions, including his cherished Red Ferrari and treks to India.

He meets the Sages of Savannah, and comes back to impart his lessons learned to his young mentee who's on a similar collision course. They are the Seven Virtues of Enlightened Learning:

1. Master your mind

2. Follow your purpose

3. Practice kaizen

4. Live with discipline

5. Respect your time

6. Selflessly service others

7. Embrace the present

It's quite a fun and rewarding little read, and while there are at times, too many habits and new ideas to take in, the best part is, you can pick and choose what works for you.

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